How to organise best Hens Party

So, your BFF has surprised you with the task of organising her Hens Party. It is an honour indeed, however it is huge responsibility – it must be fun, it must be on budget, it must be the best night ever ! Manage and coordinate around 20 girls all at once as well…. no pressure right ?)

How to organise best hens party ever

Organising your friends hens night – stress free

Dont stress and dont worry! Take a deep breath …and have a big sip of that wine. It is a lets begin planning.

1. Guest list and Invitations.

Are you cool enough to  party with the Hen?

Step one, is to know exactly how many people will be attending the party. The more the married of cause, and more girls you have the more budget it will be to play with.

As we at Glamor recommend to have per person charge/ budget set for all the guests. Usually around $100-150 per person will be a good amount to insure a great night filled with champagne, food and of cause some traditional hens party entertainment – yes, we are taking good old fashioned Male Strippers!

Dont get exited and start looking up male strippers, first you need to set party budget – so you know exactly what you are playing with.

Get list of all the girls who are invited by the Hen, and sent out Hens Party Invitations. Good idea to create a Facebook event,or online RSVP websites, so you can keep track of people attending. See some free online invitation .  Just sit back and wait for those RSVPs to come back t you.

 2. Budget and Party ideas

Classy or Naughty Hen ?

Once you know how many people are coming and you have set a budget for your best friend’s hens celebration, we can start brain storming on what to actually do for your friend. It may be a good idea to get few girls together, have few glasses of wine and share ideas, after a 3rd glass of wine you will definitely come up with a list fantastic ideas on how to surprise and pumper your Hen, but if you are struggling – Glamor is here to help. Have a look at these great ideas :

Check out different Hens Party Ideas online here, their are also a number of great deals and all inclusive packages available 

 3.  Hens Party is Sorted

Dont wait till last minute, book your venue and entertainment in advance, few weeks will be good, but even better a month in advance.

You will be surprised how quickly venues, boat cruises, restaurants and hotel get booked up. And dont think male strippers are justing sitting and waiting for your call, they are hot property in Australia, if you dont book that sexy male stripper with some good notice, you may just miss out on that sweaty, sexy police or fireman strip show for your best friend. So pick up that phone and call Glamor Strippers today to book your Male Stripper and Topless male waiter asap.

Hens party is organised and sorted once you booked the venue, and adult entertainment. :)

Enjoy your event, and make sure you get some of those silly penis straws for your hen!

They always make me giggle How to organise hens party